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Economy and Business 


At Menassah, we're not just about books but about opening doors to worlds of knowledge and insight, especially in economy and business. In today's rapidly evolving market landscape, staying informed and ahead of the curve is crucial. Our carefully curated selection of economy and business books is designed to do just that. 

Have you ever wondered what makes economies tick or how successful businesses are built from the ground up? Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, our collection offers a wealth of knowledge. Stay with us as we delve deeper into the fascinating books we offer, where every page-turner is a step forward in understanding the intricate dance of economics and business. 


Insights into Economy and Business Books - Your Source for Informed Decision-Making

 In the intricate world of economy and business, staying informed is not just beneficial, it's crucial. Books in these fields serve as invaluable resources for anyone looking to make informed decisions, whether in their professional or personal lives. Economy and business books provide deep insights into market trends, economic theories, and business strategies, offering a comprehensive understanding that goes beyond surface-level information. 


These books are written by experts who have navigated the complexities of the financial world, offering perspectives backed by years of experience and research. By delving into these texts, readers gain access to a wealth of knowledge, learning from past successes and failures in the business world. 


This not only aids in developing a keen understanding of how markets operate but also equips readers with the analytical skills necessary to anticipate and adapt to economic changes. 


Moreover, economy and business books often present case studies and real-world scenarios, making theoretical concepts more tangible and relatable. This aids in developing critical thinking, allowing readers to apply these concepts to their own decision-making processes.  


Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned businessperson, or simply someone interested in understanding the economic forces that shape our world, these books are an indispensable tool for achieving clarity and foresight in a complex and ever-changing economic landscape. 


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Discover a Comprehensive Range of Economy and Business Books

At Menassah, we take pride in offering an exceptional range of economy and business books that cater to the varied interests of our readers. Our collection is a treasure trove for those seeking to delve into the complexities of economic theories, business strategies, and the nuances of sustainable development. 


Among our esteemed titles is "قواعد الوسائل وأثرها في ترشيد التنمية المستدامة," published by Medad Publishing, priced at AED 95. This profound work explores the instrumental role of means in achieving the objectives of sustainable development, emphasizing the interconnectedness of goals and the methods employed to reach them. 


This book is packed with helpful insights in its 377 pages and is one we can’t recommend highly enough. 
It's a testament to our commitment to provide books that not only inform but also inspire innovative thinking in the ever-evolving realms of economy and business. Whether you are a student, a professional, or an enthusiast in these fields, our collection is sure to enrich your understanding and perspective. 


And if there’s another book you’d like to pick up, you’ll find that we have many books in Arabic language. These include books from fabulous local authors and publishers and titles from international authors translated into Arabic.



What Else Do We Offer as the Number One Book Distributors for Arabic Literature? 

Our passion for books goes beyond the realms of economy and business. We pride ourselves on being a versatile Arabic book shop, offering a wide spectrum of genres to satisfy the diverse tastes of our readers. 

For those seeking a journey through time, our history books bring the past to life, capturing years of human evolution and historical events. Science enthusiasts will find our collection a gateway to the wonders of the universe, with books covering everything from the intricacies of the natural world to the marvels of modern technology. 


Our fiction section is a treasure trove of imagination, offering a variety of narratives that transport readers to different worlds. For our younger readers, we offer an enchanting selection of children's books, each one a magical adventure of learning and fun. 


Those in Dubai wishing to buy Arabic books online will find our offerings unparalleled. As a leading book distribution company, we ensure that the best Arabic books to read are just a click away. 


We also celebrate the voices of Emirati women, showcasing their contributions to literature in various genres. And for those on a path of personal growth, our self-help books provide guidance and inspiration. At Menassah, we're not just a book distribution platform; we're a doorway to a world of knowledge and discovery. 



Why Choose Us as Your Go-To Arabic Book Distributes in the UAE? 

Founded in November 2022, Menassah Distribution Company is a beacon in the literary world, particularly in Dubai, as a premier book distributor. Our mission revolves around bridging gaps between Emirati and Arab publishers and the global market, as well as easing access for global publishers to the Arabic audience. 


We're committed to enriching and diversifying the reading culture, offering a plethora of genres including science, fiction, and children's books. Our platform is designed for ease, making it simple for readers to find and purchase online Arabic books. With our focus on innovative and renewable distribution methods, we aim to revolutionize the printing, publishing, and distribution landscape.



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Are you on a quest to broaden your understanding of economy and business? At Menassah, we're here to guide you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need recommendations tailored to your interests, don't hesitate to reach out. Call us on +971 6 506 9000 or drop us an email at

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