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Explore Rich Heritage with Our Arabic Poetry Books Collection

At Menassah, we're passionate about the rich tapestry of Arabic poetry, a genre that resonates deeply with emotion and heritage. Our curated collection brings together the finest poetry books from both revered Arabic and international authors, offering an unparalleled journey through words and rhythms that transcend borders. 

Imagine delving into the soulful verses of a Lebanese poet, or exploring the profound narratives of a Spanish wordsmith, translated into the eloquent Arabic language. What secrets do these verses hold? How do they mirror the human experience across cultures? Browse our carefully curated poetry collection and discover what eclectic works we have in store for you. 


Explore Rich Heritage with Our Arabic Poetry Books Collection

Poetry books hold a timeless allure, captivating hearts with their lyrical beauty and profound depth. They are popular because they offer an escape, a way to connect deeply with emotions, and a window into diverse cultures and experiences. Enthusiasts of literature, those seeking emotional resonance, or anyone yearning for a cultural journey find solace in the verses of poetry books. 


At Menassah, our dedication goes beyond just selling books; we're committed to celebrating the art of poetry. We champion local poetry publishers and authors, bringing their unique voices and perspectives to the forefront. This support for local talent provides a platform for authentic Arabic literary expressions to flourish. 


Simultaneously, we recognize the universal appeal of poetry. Our collection includes works from international authors, available in their native language and meticulously translated into Arabic. This bridging of linguistic gaps allows our readers to embark on a global poetic odyssey, experiencing the world through the lens of diverse poetic traditions. 


Our curated selection ensures that every reader, regardless of their background or preference, discovers a poetry book that resonates with their soul. 



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Discover Books from One of the Finest Book Distributors for Arabic Literature

At Menassah, we take pride in offering a handpicked selection of poems that exemplify the highest literary standards. Our collection includes exquisite works like "القصائد الحكيمة بين الأسي والشكيمة," a treasure trove of eight poignant poems by Sheikh Saqr bin Khalid Al Qasimi, priced at AED 25. These verses eloquently capture the essence of wisdom, sorrow, and dignity during his reign from 1883 to 1914. 


For those drawn to heritage and nostalgia, "فن المسبع (الدان) قصائد تراثية" from AlMuheet Publishing, available for AED 70, presents traditional Dan poems expressing deep love and longing, echoing through time. 


For just AED 60, "Madaar Publishing's "تستحق المزيد," offers poetic stories reminiscent of "A Thousand and One Nights," each narrative unfolding life's meanings and values. 


Additionally, our collection includes "أشعار آدم زاغايافسكي", showcasing the work of the renowned Polish poet Adam Zagajewski, a prominent figure in the "New Wave" movement, yours for just AED 65. 


These selected poems, each distinct in style and origin, reflect our commitment to celebrating both local and international literary talents, ensuring our readers access a diverse and enriching poetic experience. 


What Makes Us One of the Top Arabic Book Distributors?

Our vision is to enrich and diversify reading culture, creating a comprehensive platform where consumers of Arabic content can access a vast array of books and where Arab publishers can sell with newfound confidence. 


We streamline the distribution process for our publishers, ensuring their books reach the right audience with ease. For our cherished readers, we've simplified the book selection process. Our dependable customer service and swift user interface allow our customers to shop with assurance, finding books that resonate with their hearts. 


Whether you're a book aficionado or seeking inspirational reads for your children to spark their imagination, Menassah has it all. Shop with us to discover high-quality books and enjoy the convenience of having them delivered right to your doorstep. 


Our mission is clear: books are not just pages; they are a source of insight and guidance. We're dedicated to helping Arab and Emirati publishers achieve global recognition while offering our readers an extensive selection of books across various genres. 


We're committed to adding value to our readers' lives, encouraging them to delve into new realms and nurture their curiosity. Looking ahead, we're excited to make our mark on both local and international stages, participating in key book sales and distribution events. 



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For all you poetry enthusiasts eager to explore the enchanting world of Arabic verse, we at Menassah are here to guide you. Whether you're seeking advice on our latest arrivals in Arabic poetry or have specific queries about our collection, feel free to reach out. Call us at +971 6 506 9000 or drop an email at for a personalized response.


Prefer a more direct approach? Fill out our contact form, and we'll connect with you promptly. Let us be your compass in the mesmerizing realm of Arabic poetry, leading you to the perfect poetic treasure that speaks to your soul.