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Science and Nature

At Menassah, our passion for knowledge sparks a unique journey into the realms of science and nature through books. Imagine a world where every page turns to reveal another fascinating facet of our universe, from the tiniest microorganism to the vastness of space. Our diverse range of science and nature books invites you to embark on this exploratory voyage.  

But what makes a book on science or nature truly captivating? Is it the depth of information, the quality of the narrative, or something entirely different? Take a look through our collection and discover these answers and more in our wonderful range of science and nature gems. 


Discover the Wonders of Science and Nature: Curated Exploration for Enthusiasts and Learners

Immersing oneself in science and nature books opens doors to a universe of knowledge and wonder, regardless of whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a budding learner. At Menassah, we believe these books are for everyone who harbors curiosity about the world. They offer more than just facts; they inspire imagination, fuel passion for learning, and provide a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit. 


Our carefully curated selection is not just about the diversity of topics, from the intricacies of science fiction to the profound insights of children's literature, but also about showcasing a rich tapestry of voices. 


As premier book distributors in the UAE and for Arabic literature, we take pride in bringing local authors and publishers to the forefront, along with internationally acclaimed authors many of whose works have been masterfully translated into Arabic. This blend enriches our collection, making it a vibrant hub for readers of all ages and interests. 


Reading these books is not just an act of learning; it's an experience that transcends boundaries. Through the pages of history, science, and fiction, readers can explore different cultures and perspectives, all while supporting the rich literary landscape of Arabic literature. 


Whether you seek the thrill of discovery or the comfort of familiar stories, our range ensures there's a book for everyone. 


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Unearth a Fantastic Selection of Science and Nature Books

At Menassah, we take pride in offering an incredible range of science and nature books, catering to the diverse interests of our readers. Our collection is a testament to the vast world of knowledge, ranging from the wonders of the cosmos to the mysteries of the natural world. As esteemed book distributors for Arabic literature, we feature a remarkable selection from both local and international authors, ensuring a rich and varied reading experience. 


Among our prized offerings is "استشراف وتصميم المستقبل," published by Altafarud publishing at AED 35. This insightful book delves into the importance of forward-thinking in our rapidly evolving world, exploring the profound changes in technology and society. It's a prime example of the thought-provoking works we house. 


Additionally, we understand the global appeal of science and nature, which is why we also stock select books in English. This allows us to cater not just to Arabic-speaking enthusiasts but also to a wider international audience.


Whether you're interested in immersive science books, engaging children's literature, or captivating fiction, our collection promises something for every reader. 




What Makes Us the Top Arabic Book Distributors in the UAE? 

Founded in November 2022, Menassah Distribution Company emerged with a clear focus: to provide Emirati and Arab publishers and writers with global exposure and to ease global publishers' entry into the Arabic market. 

Our mission is to enrich and diversify the reading culture, ensuring that Arabic content consumers have access to a holistic platform offering a wide variety of books. We strive to boost the confidence of Arab publishers in selling their works. 

Key Aspects of Our Mission and Vision: 

  • Facilitating a smoother distribution process for publishers.
  • Simplifying book selection for our readers.
  • Offering reliable customer service and a fast user interface.
  • Ensuring a wide range of quality books for all types of readers.
  • Aiding Arab and Emirati publishers in achieving global reach.
  • Participating actively in local and international book scenes and platforms.
  • Launching innovative distribution outlets to reshape contracting practices among writers, publishers, and distributors.
  • Changing the dynamics in printing, publishing, and distribution with diversified services. 



Contact the Number One Arabic Bookstore Online in UAE!

If you're on the lookout for exceptional science and nature books, we're here to help you find exactly what you need. Our team at Menassah is eager to assist with your inquiries and guide you through our extensive collection. 

Call +971 6 506 9000 or drop an email to for personalized recommendations and answers to your questions. Alternatively, our convenient contact form is just a click away. We're not just a bookstore; we're your gateway to exploring the wonders of science and nature through literature. Let us help you embark on this enlightening journey.